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Forget the corporate giants, we speak Lockhart. Lockhart Computer Service isn’t your average IT company. Since 2011, Mathis Consulting has been a local tech expert, dedicated to helping businesses like yours flourish with reliable and personalized solutions. From charming shops to construction firms, we understand the unique needs and aspirations of Lockhart’s community.

Meet the Mathis Family

Local Roots, Global Expertise: Our friendly team may call Lockhart home, but we serve customers all over the US. We utilize cutting-edge remote monitoring tools to address most issues instantly, but we also believe in building genuine relationships. That’s why we’re happy to visit your location and get to know your team personally.

More Than Just IT: We’re not just computer fixers. We offer comprehensive web marketing and local SEO services to elevate your online presence and attract more customers. Think of us as your one-stop shop for all things digital, helping you navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Why Lockhart? It’s in Our Heart: We chose Lockhart for a reason, and it’s not just the convenient location. We’re passionate about Lockhart’s spirit – the close-knit community, the entrepreneurial drive, and the boundless growth potential. And just like we saw in Kyle, there’s something truly special here. We’re proud to be a part of it and contribute to its success.

Join the Lockhart Tech Family: Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s chat about how we can empower your business with technology that works for you. 512-820-7196

Mike and Kendra Mathis, Owners

We are focused on staying people-focused while bringing incredible value to every organization we serve. With our internal team, we are driving to create a challenging & fun work environment that will give each person the ability to reach lifetime goals.

We are married with five boys and we invest most of our time in his family and church.  But as often as we can we enjoy traveling to new places. 

Communication, Technology, and Marketing are the focused areas that Mike has spent his career working to master.

Chanelle Saraum – Tech Support, HR, and Accounting

Chanelle has a bachelor’s degree in education from University of the Visayas. She has become a truly valuable member of our team over the last year.

Chanelle loves coffee and loves her students from church. Her family lives in Carcar and attends Grace Fellowship Carcar, a local church in the Philippines we support https://churchsupport.ph/

Chanelle keeps all of us going and remembers everything we forget 🙂

Arci Gutierrez – Video & Graphics Production and Design

Having a background in TV and Movie production Arci gets to have the most fun for sure. 

He is currently working to design and produce Video ads as well as images for our campaigns as well as several other video projects.  Our latest project is producing content at a local organization for a TV show and YouTube channel.

Arci has two daughters and lives in a suburb of Manila, about an hour or so by flight north of Cebu.

Jarell and Amalia
Web Design and Development

Jarell was the first of our partners from the Island of Cebu and we have enjoyed the opportunity to not only work together on many web projects but eat dinner together.  Jarell has created over a thousand WordPress sites and continues to build amazing websites for e-commerce and other types of businesses.

Jarell and Maix2 have a son in college.  Jarell is also a musician and singer… and he may be the biggest Filipino I have ever met.

James Mathis
Home Computer Service

James has picked up the Home computer side of the business once we decided to step away from that.

James currently lives in Lockhart Texas and is teaching Art classes.

James loves Starbucks coffee, gaming, and building really fast computers.  And… like father like son, James is a bass player.

Lockhart Computer Service is part of Mathis Consulting LLC

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