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What makes collaboration successful and brings teams together? Physically sitting in a room together or having an office down the hall?

Over the last six years or so we have been working to understand what makes a person succeed, and how technology can give us many things that make local teams great, even when the entire team is located in different places.

You have likely experienced calling support and finding yourself talking to a person in another country (if you have called any support in the last 10 years). Let’s reimagine what a remote staff is capable of handling…

Is it possible to replace the local office?

Communication is better face-to-face. The backbone of every team is the ability to communicate clearly.

Generally, people don’t love “going to work” You need to get dressed up, spend time on the road, walk in the door… then face a wide range of emotions as you interact with each person you come into contact with. Some days that is filled with great and satisfying results and some days are difficult but business owners around the world have consistently seen value in bringing people together.

When you are “in the office” there is a sense of accountability to accomplish the tasks in a valuable way that benefits both employee and employer. When you are hard at work it is generally obvious both in what value you produce and in the attention you give your work in the process. People who work outside the office require greater self-discipline to overcome the temptation to steal paid time for tasks they are not getting paid to do. On the other hand, most people produce more when they are not micro-managed.

So given these challenges… How can we create a culture that will produce a drive to be valuable while being rewarding, enjoyable, and as desirable as possible? And on top of that, how can we accomplish this with a workforce spread across the world who all work from home?

  • Email – If you only communicate by email you relay information but it is limited to your writing style and people tend to read into what you say and often arrive at conclusions you never intended.
  • Text Messages – Adding texting & chat is more fluid and tends to open up a more raw and open communication. In some ways, chat can open us up to deeper levels of communication than an in-person conversation can but it is still difficult to convey exactly what we are feeling, or in some cases, we can convey what we might want someone to think we feel while concealing the truth.
  • Voice Calls – Audio calls give you a much higher level of communication… but often require all of our attention.
  • Video Calls – Video calls when they are left on change everything. Now we can see face to face the true expression of each person, matched with tone of voice. Now you can collaborate as you would in the same room… Now even when the call is muted you are still able to maintain a great level of communication.

Are people afraid of turning on the camera?

Webcams are very much the same as walking into a physical office… What do I look like? Are people going to smile at me? We are choosing to expose a level of human connection, communication, and vulnerability that is not necessarily comfortable. But we also open up ourselves to the ability to work alone without being alone at all… We can now fully communicate with our team with confidence and visibly see when they understand.

People are afraid of being seen but they also have a fundamental desire to see other people and be seen by people. So it is like exercise, you do it for the result even when it is difficult.

Over time being seen every day causes us to become closer as a team and builds confidence in who we are.

What makes the remote office special?

When you re-think the concept of video calls to be the standard mode of operation, and use multiple monitors to allow for enough space… everything changes. Now training is simple, just share your screen (or remote into the computer) and go to work. It is amazing how effectively you can grow to understand something when you can hear how to interact with the customer, see how the workflow moves and add in the ability to see the expression of your co-worker.

The remote configuration becomes far superior to working together in the same office. Now you can see when someone is on a call but they can mute themselves, or if they need help they might put the call on speakerphone and you can participate or coach them via chat. In person, it is difficult to allow someone to train you as only one of you can sit in front of a computer at a time… remotely both people are comfortably sitting in front of a computer but they can collaborate.

Call us today to discuss how to get started leveraging a virtual team to create the greatest levels of success. 512-820-7196

Meet our Virtual Assistant Team

Nathalie Durero
Virtual Business Insurance Solutions

Nathalie Has been with us for over a year and just finished up her college degree in Accounting at the Cebu Institute of Technology.

She has excelled in learning the business insurance industry working as an assistant to a broker in the US.

Nathalie is involved in Grace Talisay Fellowship one of the churches we support in the Philippines.

Eric Salmeron
Virtual Business Insurance Solutions

Eric is working on quoting and back office organization for Gritly Insurance.

He enjoys serving in his local church Grace Fellowship Carcar as the worship leader and Children’s Ministry. We have worked extensively with his church and look forward to our next visit.

He is excited to build a business in Hydroponics.

Rose Abing
Virtual Accounting Services

Rose worked as a team leader in a local accounting firm for 5 years before we hired her on behalf of an accounting firm where she is now serving a wide range of clients.

Rose is a new mom and loves working from home so she can spend more time with her daughter.

Rose is excited to be investing in a local Bakery that she is in the process of launching this year.

Zarlhynn Tusoy
Virtual Insurance Lead Generation

Zarlhynn has outperformed all other lead-generating services while also quoting and processing the leads.

She has excelled in all areas of the business insurance industry working as an assistant to two brokers in the US at Orr and Associates.

Zar is also involved in Grace Talisay Fellowship one of the churches we support in the Philippines.

Ana Tusoy
Virtual Business Insurance Assistant

Ana joined more recently to work with Zarlhynn her sister. It was a perfect fit as they were able to cross-train with most of the work.

She is already exceptionally good in the business insurance industry working as an assistant to a broker in the US at Orr and Associates.

Ana is also involved in Grace Talisay Fellowship one of the churches we support in the Philippines.

Reah Lagumbay
Virtual Business Insurance Solutions

Reah is working with Eric Salmeron at Gritly Insurance in Email support and quoting policies as well as other back-office operations.

We found Reah because she was a close friend and classmate of Natalie, As we got to know her, we quickly found that she shares in the values and mission of our team.

Reah is involved in playing piano and leading Worship at her church in Cebu City.

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